Want A Cooler Home? Copy These Blue Gradient Ideas!

Do you want to change the interior style of your home and want a look that can create a cool and comfortable impression? Now is the time for you to make your residential interior design with blue gradations that are guaranteed not to disappoint! Don’t imagine that the blue gradation will make the room look messy or too crowded. The combination of several blue colors in one room can still display a cool and calm impression, but not monotonous. Have a multifunctional bedroom that is not only for lying down but also for doing various activities? So that the atmosphere of the room remains shady and comfortable, make sure you create an interior with classic blue gradations. Starting from the walls to the carpet floor, everything is full of blue with various levels of color. Don’t forget to wash your carpet using a trusted service, namely dry carpet cleaning near me.

This room idea with blue gradations is suitable for those of you who are still too careful about combining colors. Try painting some parts of the wall with a dark blue color. Then, on another wall in light blue. As a result, the room will be more attractive but does not leave a shady impression. This blue gradation room model is suitable to be applied in a multifunctional room, such as a workroom that doubles as a dining room. Guaranteed, the atmosphere will be more exciting! To create a blue gradation, you simply divide the two parts of the wall of your room that you want to change. Try to keep the bottom only as high as the table in the room. Paint the bottom with a light blue color. Then, the upper part that reaches the ceiling, you can paint it with a slightly dark blue color. The concept of blue gradations on one wall can display the impression of a cool and comfortable maximum.

The combination of blue gradations does not only have to deal with walls. You can also give a blue gradation in the room by mixing several levels of blue on the furniture, decorations, to the floor.
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