These Gardening Tools Are Recommended For Beginners

Trying a new hobby such as gardening during the current pandemic can be a good choice to fill your spare time. Moreover, true gardening activities do not require many tools. However, the wide variety of gardening options and tools available can be confusing for beginners who are just starting in gardening. From yard leveling tool to gloves, all choices can be confusing for beginners. Starting from a variety of different models and brands, as well as varying price ranges.

For that, consider the recommendations for gardening tools for beginners that are most needed while avoiding being trapped in buying equipment that is expensive but not very functional.

Here are some important gardening tools that can be used for various types of plants at home and are certainly needed by beginner gardeners

Garden Rake

This tool is efficient for dissolving soil. A garden rake can dig and break down compacted soil. A garden rake can facilitate your work if the planting medium used is hard enough soil.


Working with loose soil with a mixture of fertilizers will certainly make your hands feel uncomfortable. Not to mention if the dirt slips between the nails making it difficult to clean. Therefore, gloves are must-have equipment when gardening. Choosing gardening gloves is not arbitrary. Choose gloves made of thick, water-resistant, and fit in your hand–that is, not too bulky or too loose.

Usually, the gloves needed are made of rubber, with a length up to the wrist.

Tree trimming scissors

Tree trimmers can help manage unwanted plants as well as for trim dead stems quickly. Unlike the general scissors, these special scissors are designed according to the joints of the hands and the material is sturdier. This allows you to be stronger when cutting the stalks even if they are quite thick.

Hand shovel

A hand shovel is used to make it easier to mix, unravel, and scoop up the soil. In addition to the shape and size, choosing a shovel must also be adjusted to this hand grip.

A medium-sized shovel is suitable for small plant objects. Pots 5 to 30 centimeters in diameter can use a hand shovel. However, if you are farming in a large area, you can use a shovel with a larger size.

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