There Are 4 Categories Of Video Mapping That You Must Know

There are so many developments in video mapping by collaborating with various things. The existing applications are unique, starting from collaborating with dances, dramas, random objects to humans. So here we are trying to categorize the types of video mapping or 3D Mapping based on their facades or fields.

In our opinion, there are 4 categories of video mapping based on the facade:

1. Architectural

Architectural video mapping is the most common thing we see on the internet. Why? Because the architecture is massive and immersive, so it is very shareable, especially when it comes to iconic buildings in a city. The history of the building can also be background as well as a marketing tool for the location. The location of the building usually must have an audience area to watch the video mapping.

2. Indoor

Video mapping can also be done indoors. The goal is to bring the audience to a different world with immersive visuals supported by audio that can lift the audience’s emotions. The advantage is that it is indoor, so it can be done during the day and at night, regardless of the weather too.

3. Objects

Objects become superstars. The size of the object can be small or large. This technique is more detailed in terms of mapping because if the object is seen from a fairly close viewpoint by the audience. The good thing is that this type of video mapping can be used anywhere and anytime, as long as it still fulfills other aspects of Video Mapping.

4. Dome

This type is the most complicated type category in terms of technical as well as audiovisual point of view. Because in terms of dimensions it is an average half-sphere so it needs a special way in making audiovisuals which ideally need a flat plane. The advantage of this type is that the audience will experience a very immersive and mind-blow sensation. The audience will be carried away by the atmosphere as if there is something on the ceiling.

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