The Reason You Should Take A Shower Before A Massage

Maintaining a healthy body has become a necessity that must be done by everyone. Especially if every day, you have a very solid activity. You must make sure that you always pay attention to your rest patterns and you also should not underestimate the slightest symptoms of pain. As we know, in addition to medicine, people also have the habit of doing massage or facials to loosen tense muscles and this is a good habit. This massage habit is trusted and believed to make the body feel lighter and healthier, especially if you go to a massage place that uses the gold coast massage method.

In terms of massage, of course, sometimes some things usually should not happen, be it for the therapist or the masseuse and the visitors. But what mostly happens is usually to visitors who are not polite during the massage process. Some visitors come to massage places just to get sexual pleasure, of course, this is not polite, and most professional massage places will not accept this. So, you need to know that for professional therapists or masseurs, asking for such services is disrespectful to their profession. Because they are only health care providers who have high professional value in their work. So be nice.

In addition, some visitors complain when the therapist or masseur asks visitors to take a shower before the massage. This doesn’t mean that masseuses are concerned about your body odor. The point is that you are told to take a shower before the massage, this will calm your muscles and start the relaxation process, the massage movements on your body will also be smoother if your body is clean. This usually does not apply to messages that are specifically for sports massage, because sports masseurs are used to massaging sweaty or muddy bodies after a match.

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