Swimming Pool Filter Function

Water clarity problems in swimming pools can arise if the existing circulation system is in trouble or even some of its components are damaged and you can rely on Marvel Pools Sunshine Coast. Meanwhile, the replacement of this filtering tool is unavoidable due to decreased performance for some time. The function of the swimming pool filter itself is as a filter from dirt particles in the water. Impurities with colloidal material will be retained in the form of gelatin when the filtration process is being carried out. Meanwhile, dissolved ions can be neutralized by chemicals in media such as sand.

Some of them utilize a layer of sand that contains living organisms so that it functions to eat organisms and dissolved chemical content to produce clean water. The hope is that the filtering function is mechanical and bactericidal. The first component of a swimming pool filter is the glass control. This section serves to determine the duration of washing during the filtering. Dirty water will pass through so that it is known when it is backwashing. The second is the control handle for the washing and disposal channels. The next part is the pressure gauge which serves to find out how much pressure the water flows in the filter itself. During the filtering process must know the limit which should not exceed 30 psi. This is an indicator that there is dirt on the filter

Furthermore, there is a lateral which is useful for holding the filtering sand media from entering the swimming pool in an unsanitary state. Finally, there is a component in the form of an underdrain that functions as a place for water disposal in the filter device. That was a complete review of the function of swimming pool pumps and filters, identify the parts, functions, and uses that you need to know before installing. Information like this must be understood to be able to understand what causes the damage in the future.

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