Decorations That Make You Feel Comfortable Sitting In A Minimalist Home

Living in a minimalist house with a limited area does not mean making the comfort and aesthetics of the house limited as well. Yes, you can still make a small house into a comfortable, beautiful place to live and make you feel at home for long in it. The trick is to do creative and appropriate room decorations. And here are some tips for decorating a minimalist home to make it look like a Modern Luxury.

Use bright and warm colors when decorating a minimalist home. You can choose neutral and pastel colors like white, light brown, turquoise green, soft blue, and so on. Use these colors to dominate the room. Also include contrasting colors such as black, yellow, or red to make the room more lively. Choosing the right color will make your tiny home feel cozy and warm. You can use an open partition as a space divider to keep the house looking spacious. For example, to separate the family room and living room, you can use a partition in the form of a large shelf which can also be used as a place to put things and home decorations. Or if you have a closed kitchen area, you can make the walls half-open so that it can be used as a minibar.

Also, pay attention to the selection of furniture. Do not choose furniture that is too large because it will add to the narrow space. Adjust the size of the furniture with the available space. For example, in decorating your living room, you can choose an L-shaped sofa with a medium size. Meanwhile, for the table, choose a size that is not too big. Match the color of the furniture to the whole space to make it look harmonious. Place some plants in the room. For example, for the family room, you can place plants in the corner of the room next to the sofa. While in the kitchen you can place plants in small pots on the edge of the window sill. The addition of plants in the room will make the atmosphere of a minimalist home more fresh and comfortable, as well as provide enlightenment in the space.

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